Used Farm Fans C-2130A Dryer

2001 Model
2378 hours
Natural Gas
3 phase
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Used Farm Fans CMS 650M Dryer

1989 Model
4805 hours
LP gas – could be converted to natural gas
3 phase
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Used Grain Dryer Early ‘80’s SuperB AS1000C

Early “80’s” Super B AS1000C
230 volt 3 Phase
LP fuel
30 HP Centrifugal Fan
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Used 1996 Brock SuperB Quantum Controlled SE750 (SOLD)

1996 SuperB SE750
Serial Number SE750C322059610Q
Quantum Controlled
3 Phase 230 Volt
Natural Gas
5933 Hours

Used Grain Dryer 1997 Meyer ME1400 Tower Dryer (Sold)

1997 Meyer ME1400
Serial Number ME1400322069729Q
3 Phase 230 Volt
Hours 4433
Natural Gas
Quantum Controller

Used Grain Dryer 1994 SuperB SA500C (SOLD)

1994 SuperB SA500C
Serial Number
Stainless Steel
3 Phase 230 Volt LP
1131 Hours

Reconditioned Used 1994 SuperB SD250 (SOLD)

1994 SuperB SD250
Hours 3049

Reconditioned Used Grain Dryer 1993 SuperB SA625 (SOLD)

1993 SuperB SA625 Used Grain Dryer
Serial Number SA625C322079313
Hour Meter 2879
LP Gas. Can be easily converted to Natural Gas.

Reconditioned Used Grain Dryer 1991 SuperB SA1000C (SOLD)

1991 SuperB SA1000C
Serial Number SA1000C34106917
3 Phase 460 Volt LP
Can be converted to 230 and/or Natural Gas

Reconditioned 1989 SuperB AS600 (SOLD)

Reconditioned 1989 AS600
230 Volt Single Phase

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