Fullenwider Services Inc (FSI) is dedicated to providing the best possible service of your grain drying equipment, as well as being able to sell you a new NECO, Brock low profile, Meyer tower dryer or a quality reconditioned unit.

FSI is owned by Dave Fullenwider along with his wife Rita. Dave has continued the business that was originally started by his father, Robert. Bob had been in the electrical and electronic service business for many years, and one day way back in 1967 Bob was called upon to get a bin dryer started. Bob was able to fix it, and the word spread like wildfire that there was someone in the area who could be called upon to keep them running. Dave had worked for his father since he was a young teenager, and the smell of the corn being dried got into his blood and caused him to continue servicing dryers.

Robert operated the business for many years, then in the early 90’s his sons, Jim and Dave took over the operation, changing the name to Fullenwider Brothers. Until this time American batch dryers was the main focus of the business. The brothers began to include SuperB dryers into their service calls.

In 2000, after Jim left the business, the company was reorganized into Fullenwider Services Inc. Dave operated pretty much alone along with part time help until 2010 when Troy Phillips was added as a service technician.

FSI partners with quality millwrights and bin erectors to provide our customers with a complete turn-key grain handling system.

FSI’s office, shop and warehouse is located in Waveland, Indiana.  FSI can also provide you with welding services and fabricated items.

The name Fullenwider has been recognized for providing quality service on your grain dryers for over 40 years. Many of Bob’s original customers are still calling for service every year. Our customers are not just a number, they become our friends. Many changes have taken place through the years, but one thing remains the same:

We want to provide you with the best possible service in the quickest possible time to keep you running!


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