Dryer Pre-Season Check

Clean foreign material from blower inlet guards.

Sweep off the top exhaust slope where fines may have accumulated on the outer perforated skins.

Check inner perforated skin panels for dust and chaff accumulation. Sweep down if necessary and remove material from inside dryer.

Remove auger cover assess panels and check metering roll throats for obstructions and clean if necessary.

Vacuum out control panel and around electrical parts.

Tighten all electrical connections in the control panel.

Inspect all belts and adjust if necessary.

Inspect augers for wear and damage.

Check all panel lights.

Check temperature probes and gauges for proper operation.

Clean Burner and drill out ports if necessary.

Check baso switch and millivolts.

Check thermocouple.

Inspect spark plug and replace if necessary.

Inspect fan blade or wheel for fatigue, cracks or debris built up.

Inspect all gas lines for cracked fitting and drain the drip leg.

Check Regulators for leaks.

Inspect all motors for dragging motor bearings and loose mounting bolts.

Check gearboxes oil level.

Inspect metering rolls for wear and inspect the bearings.

Inspect unload auger bearing and flighting.

Do a visual inspection of the overall dryer.