Used Grain Dryer 1991 SuperB SA1200 (SOLD)

1991 SuperB SA1200
Serial Number SA1200C321069112
3 Phase 230 Volt LP

Used Grain Dryer 1985 SuperB SA625C (SOLD)

1985 SuperB SA625C
Serial Number SA625C32109856
Recent Professional Rebuild
3 Phase 230 Volt
Duel Fuel
13567 Hours

Used Grain Dryer 2003 SuperB SE1200C (SOLD)

2003 SuperB SE1200C
Serial Number SE1200CXL341020320
Hour Meter 4717
100 HP Motor

Used Grain Dryer 1997 SuperB SD250 (SOLD)

1997 SuperB SD250
Serial Number SD250VQ121039745A
Hour Meter 3089

Used Grain Dryer 1993 SuperB SD500VQ (SOLD)

1993 SuperB SD500VQ
Serial Number
3 Phase 230 Volt LP
2970 Hours

Used Grain Dryer SuperB AS600 (SOLD)

230 Bu Batch
230 Volt Single Phase
1776 Hours

Used Grain Dryer 1994 SuperB SD500 (SOLD)

1994 SuperB SD500
Serial Number SD500VQ32100947A
Hours 3285

Used Grain Dryer 1993 SD250VQ (SOLD)

230 V single phase
Quiet Fan
Full Heat Continuous flow or batch heat and cool

Used Grain Dryer 1993 SuperB SA750 (SOLD)

1993 SuperB SA750
Serial Number SA750C32103939
Hour Meter 4616

Used Grain Dryer Mid ‘70’s Beard AS 12 (SOLD)

Mid ‘70’s Beard AS 12
230 Volt Single Phase

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